Fish have fascinated mankind since ancient times, thanks to their extraordinary coloring & the different environment in which they live, and nowadays many enthusiasts own aquariums with hundreds of specimens, which they take care of every day. However, nothing compares to the possibility of seeing animals in their natural habitat, more precisely in the seas & oceans, and the experience is one that shouldn’t be missed. All the more so as the majority of tourists have agreed that Zanzibar is the country with the most beautiful fish in the world. First, discover them in this article, finding out some interesting information about them, then come & see them live, in the tours organized by us!

The most beautiful fish in the world

Seahorse. Despite its name and appearance, the seahorse is classified as a fish. In addition to its cuteness, this species stands out for two other truly amazing characteristics: they form couples for life (which even we humans don’t quite manage), and the males are the ones who… give birth to the young!

the most beautiful fish in the world

Trumpetfish. Although it looks completely harmless and even funny, given its electrified yellow shade, this animal is described as “a true killing machine”. His tactics of stalking from the darkness & completely unexpected attacks have earned him this reputation, but of course, us, as admirers, are not among his favorite victims;

Napoleon wrasse. A true giant, this can also be called one of the biggest, not just one of the most beautiful fish in the world. Besides being over 2 meters long and weighing approximately 200 kilograms, “Napoleon” also stands out, literally and figuratively, due to its pearly green color;

Lionfish. This specimen can be called the “king” of the waters, as it protects its territory in an impetuous manner. Extremely common in our archipelago, the respective fish is equipped with dozens of poisonous spines on its back, but it uses them only for self-defense, not for attack;

Ghost pipefish. The big “problem” with this animal is the fact that, even if you see it, you could… ignore it. However, this is exactly what it wants, as it uses advanced camouflage techniques to “transform” into leaves, algae, sponges, seagrass, etc. Of course, this way it escapes undetected including by predators;

Bluefin trevally. Known by many names, this fish appears phosphorescent, having truly spectacular shades of blue and green. Very fast & aggressive, it travels great distances in search of food and has even been caught “stealing” prey from the mouths of sharks.

When it comes to admiring the most beautiful fish in the world, the “password” is Mnemba. We’re talking about an island located just a few kilometers northeast of the main territory of Zanzibar, surrounded by a coral reef declared a protected area. During the snorkeling & scuba diving activities, in addition to the species described above, you can also see green sea turtles & three species of dolphins. As for the specimens that must be admired from a distance, we mention humpback whales & whale sharks. We have nothing more to add except that we wish you a pleasant time!