Usually, when it comes to a tourist destination or another, the opinions of those who have visited that place are not quite unanimous, there are always some voices against it, for various reasons: the discrepancies between unrealistic expectations and reality, the much too high demands of some, who can’t enjoy “normal” conditions if they don’t benefit from luxury ones, etc. However, as far as Zanzibar is concerned, the lucky ones who gave themselves a chance to go there seem to have reached a consensus: the Indian Ocean archipelago is truly unique, surprising everyone with its magic.

Opinions about Zanzibar – exclusively positive. Here are the reasons!

1. People are very friendly. All those who spent a holiday in the territory that belongs de facto to Tanzania came to the conclusion that the locals are much friendlier than they expected, without necessarily having a specific reason for their behavior (except the desire to earn money from the products sold or the services provided). There are two possible explanations: the first – the fact that the area is eminently touristic, and the relationship with visitors is essential; and the second – the poverty in the country, which causes an attitude of quasi-dependence on others;

2. Food is extremely good. The opinions about Zanzibar are so positive because… they go through the stomach! In addition to the landscapes that take your breath away, especially from a chromatic point of view, another characteristic throughout the entire island is the local food, both grilled dishes and fruits, as well as the famous spices. Pilau, fish, lobster, squid, rice, sauces – whatever you want, you’ll find it in hotels, restaurants, or on the street. Not to mention that pineapple, mango, and passion fruit were never juicier and tastier than in Zanzibar;

zanzibar opinions

3. The prices are low & negotiable. Another important characteristic of Zanzibar refers to the cost of living and, implicitly, of a vacation of one or two weeks or maybe even more. Thus, the prices are below those practiced in most of the countries where the tourists come from, especially if we’re talking about EU residents. Besides the reduced costs, another benefit of this fact is represented by the psychological comfort derived from the fact that such a vacation will not represent in any way a tremendous financial effort. Moreover, just like in Turkey, Egypt, or other destinations, almost everything is… negotiable;

4. The temperatures are ideal all year round. Unlike other tourist destinations, there is no “seasonality” in Zanzibar, as the temperatures are perfect almost all year round (from “only” 26 degrees Celsius in June, July, August, and September to 29 degrees Celsius in December, January, February, and March). Thus, the only “internal” variable regards the number of rainy days: from only 7 in February to 19 in April. Otherwise, the decision depends on your preferences, the plane tickets price, the possibility to opt for a vacation in a certain period, etc. In conclusion, our… opinion of Zanzibar is that it’s the perfect place to forget about your worries and relax as you deserve – we’re waiting for you!