Are you looking for an exotic winter destination, in which to escape from the cold? If snow is not your friend, sunny Zanzibar is waiting for you to spend a wonderful vacation! Being one of the most beloved destinations on the Globe, it offers numerous unique activities and fabulous locations that you can enjoy. Although many think that, in this heaven’s nest, the only fun is represented by the beach, actually the “pearl of the Indian Ocean” means much more than that. Here’s what you could do this winter in the fascinating lands of Zanzibar!

Tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss!

Did you know that the famous vocalist of the band Queen, Freddie Mercury, was born in Stone Town? You can’t come to Zanzibar and not visit the old capital! The most popular and appreciated tour offered by travel agencies takes you on a journey to the past.

Included in the UNESCO world heritage, for its remarkable historical and cultural values, the city is captivating with its varied architecture and its stories that are still alive today. In the walking tour, you’ll be able to visit the House of Wonders, Zanzibar Doors, Forodhan gardens, Darajan market, slave market, Jaws Corner, Freddie Mercury’s house, as well as numerous churches, including the Catholic and Anglican ones.

Prison Island, Jozani Forest, Kizimkazi – the dolphin village, the emblematic The Rock restaurant, and Nakupenda beach are other popular locations that you have to see, besides the old city of Stone Town. During the Prison Island excursion, you’ll visit Changuu Island, also known as Turtle Island or Prison Island, where you’ll be able to admire land turtles, as well as the nests where they lay their eggs. On the other hand, Jozani Forest is the most colorful, wild, and exotic place you can visit in Zanzibar! The only national park on the island, Jozani is populated by endemic species, such as the red hyrax and dozens of species of birds and butterflies. In other words, the Jozani Forest tour can’t be missed!

Nakupenda is the most famous beach in Zanzibar! The island is located approximately 7 kilometers from Stone Town and it can be visited on the same day as Prison Island, as they’re in the same direction from the city.

Unforgettable safaris in one of the most exotic winter destinations

The trip continues with a multitude of other spectacular activities, such as exploring the underwater universe during the Safari Blue tour, hiking in the Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks, as well as the Ngorongoro crater and Lake Manyara.

The famous Safari Blue will make you fall irreparably in love with Zanzibar! The sandbanks, where you can relax under the passionate rays of the tropical sun, the waters with turquoise reflections, where you can swim among multicolored fish and amazing coral reefs, a real underwater tropical “forest”, as well as the memorable snorkeling sessions will pamper your soul with sensational experiences, that you’ll remember with enthusiasm over the years.

Kizimkazi, also called the village of dolphins, as well as Kwale and Mnemba Islands, are other tourist attractions that will take your breath away with their unreal beauty. The natural lagoon, the mangrove forest, and the oldest baobab in Zanzibar, with an estimated age of over 5.000 years, are real treasures of nature that you’ll have access to.

Swimming with turtles, snorkeling in Mnemba, sunset cruises in traditional wooden boats called dhows, swimming with dolphins, fishing with the locals, cooking classes, culinary feasts, and visiting the Spice Farm give a 100% unique charm to this exotic winter destination. So, prepare your bags for a phenomenal vacation in Zanzibar, in the middle of nature, pampered by the sun!