Many people who choose Zanzibar as their holiday destination don’t expect it to have such vivid nightlife too, maybe except for those aged between 18 and 25. However, this “industry”, as we could call it, developed precisely because of the increasing number of tourists & their vacation habits. In consequence, today, the island remains religious when it comes to its population, but also extremely welcoming to those who want to have fun 24/7. Although we won’t give names of bars or clubs, so as not to advertise, we will give examples of highly entertaining nocturnal activities:

1. Nightlife in Zanzibar – Sunset on the beach. Since Stone Town, the old capital, is located on the West of the island, it serves as the perfect place to admire the sunset in the Ocean. Whether you choose a fancy restaurant or just pick up something to drink and sit on the sand, together with your loved one or your family, the experience is going to be memorable, both literally and figuratively. Seeing the sun “melt” into the Indian Ocean is almost surreal and you shouldn’t miss it for anything in the world;

2. Nightlife in Zanzibar – Cocktails on the beach. Another fun activity to do, slightly before the sun sets or shortly after, is to grab a cocktail – the more colorful, the better. Whether you choose an exotic combination of fruits & flavors or opt for classics such as Margarita, Mojito, or Cosmopolitan, the feeling you’ll get is unprecedented. If dictionaries had pictures, yours would be next to the definition for “relaxation”, with a large glass in one hand, sitting on a beach lounger, leg over leg;

3. Nightlife in Zanzibar – Best nightclubs. If you’re more the party type, we also have good news for you: this destination also has some of the best nightclubs you’ve ever seen. Whether you’re attracted by the engaging music blasting from the inside or the sexy hostesses waiting for you at the entrance, you’ll have countless hours of fun till morning. However, for the best possible scenario, we suggest you stop the fun around 3-4 o’clock, in order to have enough time to rest before heading to the beach, the next morning;

nightlife zanzibar

4. Nightlife in Zanzibar – Rock clubs. Last but not least, you should know that Zanzibar also hosts a few rock clubs. Even if it might be a bit surprising at first, if you expected to find only EDM clubs & places with traditional Swahili music, you should remember that this is where Freddie Mercury, the famous lead singer of the band Queen, was born back in 1946. Therefore, it’s logical to find at least a few bars where only rock is played.

Furthermore, don’t forget to check the calendar to find out when the most important festivals in Zanzibar take place. If you manage to organize your vacation in such a period, you’ll most certainly get the best of both worlds: enjoy the sun & the beach, as well as the island’s exquisite nightlife.